3 Ways to View the Mind Maps App

3 Ways to View the Mind Maps App

If you have subscribed to the Discover Healing app which gives access to our revised and expanded Body Code Mind Maps, you can access the Mind Maps 2 ways:
1. View online here: http://app.discoverhealing.com/
2. Install the App to your mobile device: Search for Discover Healing in the AppStore or Google Play and install the app on a device running at least iOS 12.2 or Android 9.

If you own The Body Code System you will also be able to use the Mind Maps in 3 separate ways:

1. View online here:

https://discoverhealing.com/the-body-code/online-access/ --- you must be logged in to your account at DiscoverHealing.com to view the mind maps. Be sure you are logging in with the same email address you used to purchase the Body Code.

2. Install the App to your Computer:

https://discoverhealing.com/the-body-code/install/ --- you will need to be logged in to download the App.
You should only have to login once in order to use the App from your hard drive..

3. Install the App to your Mobile device Smart Phone or Tablet:

Go to the AppStore or Google Play Store on your device and search for The Body Code.  Once found, download the app to your device. After it is downloaded you will need to sign into the app.  Your password to sign into the app is not connected to your password for your account at DiscoverHealing.com.  To create a password for The Body Code app, please contact us at support@discoverhealing.com

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