Body Code App iOS Troubleshooting: Uninstall and Reinstall

Body Code App iOS Troubleshooting: Uninstall and Reinstall

Please use the steps below to uninstall and install the Body Code iOS app if you are having technical difficulties.

Step 1: To remove an app from iOS device, press the icon on the device for the particular app you wish to delete until all of the icons on the screen start to wiggle. Once they are wiggling you will also see the X symbol appear in the upper left-hand corner of each icon.

Step 2: Now simply tap on the X symbol and you will be presented with a screen asking for your to confirmation. When you tap on the Delete button. This should remove the app from your iPhone or iPad.

(Step 2b: If you are not able to delete the application from your device, you can also delete it by going to Settings > General > Usage > Body Code 2.0 and select Delete App (It may take a few moments for your device to load all the apps on the Usage page).

Step 3: On your iPhone or iPad, navigate to the app store and search for The Body Code or Wellness Unmasked. Once found click "get"

This will reinstall on your iPad app and get you back to full functionality within about 30 seconds. Once installed open the app and login with your Body Code App login details.

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