Body Code 2.0 Application Download Troubleshooting

Body Code 2.0 Application Download Troubleshooting

All Systems:

Download Steps:
 If you are experiencing an issue with your Body Code application download not completing, this may be due to a download speed issue. To ensure optimal speed other than connecting to a faster internet connection, please try these steps:

  1. Close all applications then open only your web browser.
  2. Navigate to the  Body Code Applications Install page and re-try the download.

Login Required Multiple Times: It is required to log into the Body Code Application after downloading on the initial startup. After that you should only be asked to login every 45 days when opening the application. If you are experiencing more login requirements than 45 days, please download the latest version of the application from the install application page.

Mac Computers:

Unidentified Developer: If are unable to open the Body Code application and are getting this error message -

"Body Code" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.
Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store and Identified developers.

This is because we are not distributing our application through the Apple App Store so we are considered an unidentified developer. In order to open this download you can simply bypass the GateKeeper settings for this application by:

  1. In Finder, Control-click on the app. OR Right click the icon of the app, select Open from the top of contextual menu that appears.
  2. Click Open in the dialog box. If prompted, enter an administrator name and password.

To modify your GateKeeper settings to always allow downloads from anywhere you can go to:

  1. Apple menu > System Preferences… > Security & Privacy > General tab
  2. Under the header "Allow applications downloaded from:" Select "Anywhere"

PC Computers:

Page of Code: If when using Internet Explorer you have clicked on the Install button to download the Body Code Windows desktop application and have been taken to a page with just code on it, you will need to ensure that Compatibility View is enabled on your Internet Explorer web browser. To do so please follow these instructions:

  1. If Internet Explorer recognizes that the webpage isn't compatible, you'll see the Compatibility View button (looks like a broken page near the refresh button) on the Address bar.
  2. Click on the Compatibility View icon to enable this feature.

If you do not see the icon you can follow these instructions:
(Select your IE browser version from the drop-down on the right of the page.)

Cannot Open the Application: If you are not able to open the application after installing and/or get a "Body Code stopped working" notice, this is likely due to the anti-virus software you have installed on your computer. To bypass the anti-virus software, you will need to temporarily disable it. To do so follow these instructions:

  1. Locate the antivirus protection program icon on the Windows Notification area (bottom right task bar). Below are some examples of what your program icon may look like.
    McAfee, Norton, and AVG examples.
  2. Once the antivirus icon has been located right-click the icon and select disable, stop, or something similar. In some cases you may need to launch or open the program control center and disable the program from the menu that appears.
  3. After installing the Body Code 2.0 and opening is successfully, please use the same instructions to turn your anti-virus protection back on.

Norton WS.Reputation.1 Notice: Our request to be added to the Symantec (Norton) Software database is still pending so in the meantime the application is blocked by the WS.Reputation.1 notice. A low reputation score is based on analyzing data from Symantec’s community of users, since this is a brand new application it has not yet built a reputation.

If you would like to bypass this or find out more information about why this is appearing please read this article:

Not Functional Offline: This was a bug our developers have fixed. There was an application update that fixed this error. You should be able to use Body Code Windows application when offline however if you are unable to you will need to update the application.

Body Code Crashes: If the Body Code application crashes, this is an issue that the application developers will need to look into. To help them find any bugs we ask that you send us the error logs if possible. You can find the Windows Error Log by following these instructions:

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