Emotion Code/ Body Code Sessions with Staff Practitioners

Emotion Code/ Body Code Sessions with Staff Practitioners

Remote Sessions

Since Dr. Nelson's time does not allow him to work with clients anymore, he has personally trained some of his staff to do sessions with clients. Our staff practitioners are very skilled. Sessions can be booked with any of these staff practitioners via our services page.


We offer sessions via telephone and email.

Telephone Session:
When you book a telephone appointment you choose with whom you want to work, date and time of appointment, and appointment type. After booking the appointment you are emailed a confirmation of your appointment with details of how to connect with the staff practitioner. You will be given a phone number to call at the designated time and you are responsible for calling on time. After your session with the staff practitioner, a report will be emailed to you with the details of the session.

Email Session:
Shortly after you purchase an email session, the staff practitioner you have chosen will email you a form to fill out regarding your concerns and personal information. The practitioner will then let you know when the session will be performed. Email sessions are not scheduled to be done at a specific time but on a certain day. There is no communication other than through email with this type of session. Following the completion of the session, the staff practitioner will email the results of the session to you. Email sessions are great options for those who live in a different time zone and are unable to do a phone session. It is also a great option for those who do not have time to do a phone appointment. For an email session you do not have to do anything different from your normal day.

Types of Sessions:

Body Code Distance Exam:
A Body Code exam is an evaluation of the body performed by proxy with a Staff Practitioner.  This includes muscle testing for the presence of structural imbalances, low-grade pathogens, nutritional imbalances, toxins, all organ and gland circuits, trapped emotions, and the Heart-Wall. We will also muscle test the immune system, brain communication with your organs and glands, and heart communication with the rest of your body.  There will be a written report of findings and recommendations for future care. This is the same examination used by Dr. Nelson for many years in practice as he worked with people suffering from mysterious and “incurable” illnesses. This is a 30-minute appointment and does NOT include any releasing or correcting of imbalances. If you wish to release or correct any imbalances found during the Body Code Distance Exam, you may schedule an Emotion Code/ Body Code Session at https://discoverhealing.com/staff-practitioners/.

Emotion Code/ Body Code Session:

The Emotion Code/ Body Code Session is our most popular service. It is designed to help get rid of the Heart-Wall, trapped emotions, and possibly correct other imbalances in the body. We believe sessions can enhance general wellness by addressing physical or emotional issues. Each session may include (but is not limited to) the release of trapped emotions and structural imbalances, and recommendations to address nutritional deficiencies and toxicity. This is a 20-minute session with a Staff Practitioner. We recommend 24-48 hours between sessions. You will receive a written emailed report at the end of your telephone or email session, detailing exactly what was done.

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