Generate an Affiliate Link

Generate an Affiliate Link

In your Affiliate Area, you are given a general affiliate link which links to the homepage. However, you may want to link to a specific product, page, or event on the calendar instead. So let's go through the steps of generating a link.

  1. Navigate to the page you want to send your referrals to. For example the Certification page. 
  2. Copy the URL of the page from the address bar. For example
  3. Navigate to your Affiliate Area, under My Account.
  4. Paste the URL you have copied into the link generator.
  5. (Optional) You can give your link a Campaign name to track it. For example, if you put it on your website you can add the campaign name "website" to see how many clicks that link is getting and if it's converting sales.
  6. Generate your link! You can now use your link on your website and/or emails.
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