How Do I Become Certified in The Emotion Code and The Body Code?

How Do I Become Certified in The Emotion Code and The Body Code?

How do I become certified?


We have two certification courses - Level 1: The Emotion Code & Level 2: The Body Code -  to help you learn, grow and become a proficient practitioner.

The Emotion Code certification course must be completed as a prerequisite for The Body Code certification.  The Body Code certification builds and expands upon principles learned in The Emotion Code course. 


What does the sign up process look like?


Emotion Code Certification Steps:

There are no prerequisites to signing up for The Emotion Code Certification program. Anyone, at any stage of knowledge, can sign up and begin the course.  You can register for the program at  


Step 1: Complete the practitioner bio, letters of recommendation and sign the practitioner agreement 

Step 2: Complete E-learning course

Step 3: Complete practice sessions on 30 clients


Body Code Certification Steps:

In order to qualify to for The Body Code Certification course you must first meet the following two prerequisites:

- Be a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

- Subscribe to the Discover Healing app (the app subscription is not part of certification tuition)

After registering for the The Body Code Certification Course, you'll complete the following steps:


Step 1: Sign and submit your certification agreement

Step 2: Complete E-learning course

Step 3: Complete practice sessions on 20 Clients


How is each certification program set up?

Both The Emotion Code and The Body Code Certification programs consist of two main parts or phases. The following applies to both individual programs:


Phase 1 is an E-learning course, which is entirely completed online and no materials are shipped to you. The E-learning course allows you to move at your own pace. The E-learning course contains videos of Dr. Nelson teaching specific principles, then each video is followed by a short quiz. Quizzes are designed to help you retain information only and are not graded or considered for your application. After all the videos are watched and all quizzes are taken, you are given a final exam that you must pass in order to move on. You are given two attempts at the final exam and must score 90% or better to pass.


Phase 2 of certification is practical, where you are required to work with clients and record the sessions.  You can begin this work after completing and passing the E-learning course and you will be given access to an interactive binder where you will track and record all sessions and notes with clients. 


Please see below for the requirements for Phase 2 of The Emotion Code and The Body Code programs, respectively:


Requirements for Phase 2 of The Emotion Code certification:

-Complete sessions on 30 clients (26 humans + 4 animals OR 10 humans + 20 animals)

-Completely remove 4 Heart-Walls


Requirements for Phase 2 of The Body Code certification:

-Complete sessions on 20 clients

-Each client must have a physical or mental problem

-For each client, you must complete:

  1. An initial evaluation
  2. A minimum of 3 sessions
  3. A Re-evaluation


You will have exactly 6 months to complete The Emotion Code Certification program, beginning at the time you sign up. Similarly, you are also given exactly 6 months to finish The Body Code Certification program.