My Account Page Overview

My Account Page Overview

My Account Overview on - Dashboard

Here you can access the Certification Programs you are registered for.  Click on the Certification Program title to access the course and see your progress.  It will be checked if you are completed.

Body Code & Memberships

Here you can access The Body Code Healing System access links.  If you are subscribed to the Discover Healing app or have a Premium Membership, it will be listed here as well.

Content Access

This will list the pages where you can access online content products, such as Training Series.


You can download files from here, which includes PDFs like Session Guides.


This area will list the memberships you are subscribed to including, Premium Membership, Essentials Membership, Boost Your Body Code Results and your Body Code Healing System access. Click on the membership to view what the membership includes, such as live webinar events and video recordings.


A list of your past orders.

Payment Settings

Add or update your credit card here.

Account Settings

You can update account information here including your name, email, password and payment settings.

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