TEC Certification Step 25 (Student Sessions Portfolio)

TEC Certification Step 25 (Student Sessions Portfolio)

For the Certification purchased prior to January 2021. If purchased after January 2021 there is a new requirement) 

Once you have logged into your account at DiscoverHealing.com, please select The Emotion Code Certification. Next, select Step 25 'Emotion Code Student Sessions Portfolio'. From there, you will see instructions for completing your session.  Near the bottom of the page click on 'Emotion Code Student Sessions Portfolio'.  At the top of the page is the counter for the number of sessions etc you have completed. Just below the counter box, select '+Add New Client'. 


Once you’ve entered a session, click 'Submit' at the bottom.  This will not submit it to us at this point; you will still be able to return to this session and make edits if you desire. Once you have met all the requirements, the counter box will be complete and the 'Submit Binder' button will turn orange indicating that the portfolio is ready to be submitted for review by your student advisor.

To complete The Emotion Code Certification Requirements:

You either need to perform sessions on 26 humans and 4 animals

- OR -

You need to perform 10 human and 20 animal sessions

- AND -

You need to completely eliminate 4 people's Heart-Walls


You may do all your sessions via proxy or in person or a mix of both.