The Emotion Code Certification Seminar

The Emotion Code Certification Seminar

Discover the groundbreaking EMOTION CODEā„¢ energy healing method LIVE in 1 day!

Unlock your energy healing superpower and fast-track your mastery of The Emotion Code.

The Emotion Code Certification Seminar is set up for those that prefer hands on learning over an online class setting. 

It is designed for those that are not currently in the certification course but are planning on taking it. Having said that, all are welcome if you just want a refresher course or would just like to improve your skill in The Emotion Code.

*Not all Emotion Code Seminars are Certification Seminars so make sure it has Certification in the title when purchasing a ticket to the event.  Event ticket price is separate from the Certification price.

We try to keep the class size small and so the certification seminars fill up quickly!   Ensure your spot at the seminar by purchasing your ticket early. 

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    • Do I get a discount on the Certification Program for attending The Emotion Code Seminar?

      As of July 26, 2011, our requirements for Emotion Code Certification have changed. The Emotion Code Certification Program is a standalone e-learning program and is completely separate from our previous Certification Program. This means that there are ...
    • What is covered at The Emotion Code Seminar?

      Topics to be covered at The Emotion Code Seminar will include concepts on the energy body, applied kinesiology (muscle testing), the origin of emotions, how emotions get trapped in the body, the Heart-Wall, and using The Emotion Code process for ...
    • Who can legally teach an Emotion Code Seminar?

      We do have seminars being taught worldwide by a few instructors that have been approved by Dr. Bradley Nelson. All of these Emotion Code Seminars taught by approved instructors are listed on our calendar at >> View the seminar ...
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      Requirements for Emotion Code Certification purchased before January 4, 2021 We have 2 certification courses to help you learn, grow and become a proficient practitioner. These two courses are level 1: The Emotion Code Certification and level 2: The ...
    • Do I need to attend a seminar to certify?

      Nope! Our certification program is currently offered completely online in our eLearning center! While we do recommend that you attend an Emotion Code Seminar if you can, it is absolutely not required in order to become a Certified Emotion Code or ...