What if I can't muscle test?

What if I can't muscle test?

One of the most common concerns people report is trouble with muscle testing.  It is possible to master your muscle testing skills. Here are 7 Tips to help:


1. Practice! By using muscle testing often throughout the day, you're essentially training your body to become more sensitive to the muscle responses. So over time, you'll need to use less and less pressure, AND it will help your intuition become stronger. 

2. Finesse, not force. Listen to your body. Use the least amount of pressure and resistance as possible. This will help you avoid tiring your muscles out or hurting your joints with repetitive use. 

3. Pain means stop! Don't hurt yourself. Learn a backup method just in case you do start to need it. 

4. Keep your mind clear. Turn off music and tv and leave distractions in the other room. Don't let anything influence the clarity of your questions or answers. 

5. Keep your questions direct and to the point. That way your answers can be clear too! Ask your questions aloud if you have trouble staying focused. 

6. Respect it! Muscle testing is not to be used for telling the future or invasively reading someone's mind. 

7. Be patient. Don't stress if you're not great at it right away. It's just like learning to play the piano, it takes time and practice to become proficient


If you are still having trouble after you have used the 7 tips, please check and make sure you are hydrated, that you have good neck alignment and that you don’t have a trapped emotion that is blocking you from testing.  You can have someone else test and see if any of these issues may be part of the reason you are experiencing trouble with muscle testing.