Who can legally teach an Emotion Code Seminar?

Who can legally teach an Emotion Code Seminar?

We do have seminars being taught worldwide by a few instructors that have been approved by Dr. Bradley Nelson. All of these Emotion Code Seminars taught by approved instructors are listed on our calendar at DiscoverHealing.com.

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If you notice that a seminar is being taught and it is not listed on our calendar, it is not endorsed by us. We appreciate you letting us know if you find a seminar that is being taught by an unapproved instructor for compensation. In order to make sure that The Emotion Code is being taught correctly and to protect our legal trademarks and copyrights, only our approved instructors may teach The Emotion Code Seminar.

Please note: It is illegal to teach The Emotion Code Seminar for profit unless you are an approved or certified instructor.  We ask that if you are teaching The Emotion Code Seminar and you have not been approved by us to please stop at this time.

We understand the demand for seminars, and are working very hard to make our program available to all worldwide.

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